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EV Survey to assess the benefits of V2G for UK future motorists
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Dear Sir/Madam

There are currently 126,000 electric vehicles (EVs) in the UK and that number is increasing rapidly. The National Grid predict that a potential 13.5 million EVs will be registered in the UK by 2030, which will significantly increase electricity demand in our country. In order to reduce this demand it has been proposed that EVs can assist the grid by providing demand side response.

Essentially there is scope to use the batteries in your electric vehicle to discharge electricity back to the grid when it is needed, and to be charged at the most suitable time for the grid. The process of charging and discharging to the grid is known as Vehicle-to-grid or V2G. V2G has the potential to earn EV users like you a payment each month for offering your vehicles battery for the service. As well as the financial benefit V2G also reduces the need for more large polluting gas power stations in the UK, which are needed to balance out the amount of variable renewable energy stations being built.

This survey aims to discover how applicable V2G technology is to current EV owners in the UK and assess the potential financial and environmental benefits that the system could offer.

Please note this survey is only applicable to owners of fully electric vehicles, not hybrids

Thank you very much for your participation