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Investigating the impact of self applied kinesiology tape and functional ability in adults with essential tremor
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Study information

Invitation to Participate
Thank you for expressing interest in this study. It is important you know the reason for the study and what it could mean, so please read through the below information to help you decide on whether you would like to participate in this study. 

What is the aim of the study?
As there are currently very few treatments to help those with essential tremor manage their symptoms, this study aims to investigate whether kinesiology tape is effective in improving the performance and ease of functional tasks and if it could be a suitable as a conservative method used to dampen down essential tremor and help suffers cope with symptoms.  

Am I suitable?
We are looking for participants between the ages of 18 and 65 with a clinical diagnosis of essential tremor. The tremor should affect your dominant upper limp and be present when undertaking tasks with the limb. 

What would make me unsuitable for the study?
As the study will use adhesive tape, which will not be assessed by a health care professional, it is important you have good skin condition that is not liable to breakdown. Due to this, those over the age of 65, with pre-existing skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are not suitable for the current study. You will also not be suitable if you have any known allergy to kinesiology tape or suffer from heart failure, upper limb deep vein thrombosis, kidney dysfunction or cancer. 

What is expected of me during the study?
If you choose to partake in the study you will receive a postal package containing tape, instructions, a questionnaire and three copies of a hand written spiral task. The study will require you to apply kinesiology tape to your wrist and hand by following an instruction sheet provided. You will also be expected to fill out the three handwritten tasks and the questionnaire at different time points throughout the study (will be explained). After 48hrs and once the questionnaire is filled in you will be able to remove the tape and return any tasks/ questionnaires back to us via a free post envelope.  
During the time the tape is applied you will be able to partake in sport, every day activities, wash and dress as normal. 
If currently on medication for your tremor, it is important that you carry on taking your medication that you would usually take at the normal time.  

Will I be safe during the study?
All procedures in this experiment are subject to appraisal by the Health and Safety Executive, the University Ethics committee or the local Research Ethics committees and are standard procedures carried out in routine practice.  

Will my personal details be private and confidential?
All information and data will be treated in strictest confidence. Data and information will be coded and secured on a password-protected computer and kept in a secured office cabinet.

Do I have to take part?
No, participation in the study is completely voluntary. 

What happens next?
If you want to be apart of this study please complete the below pre-screening questionnaire. If eligible to partake in this study you will then be randomly allocated to a group and we will send you a “participant pack” containing all the necessary materials to complete the study.  

Your Rights ?
Participation in the current study is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw at any point without repercussion. If you agree to participate in the study we will need you to a consent form following the pre-screen questionnaire.

Contact for further details
If you require any further information regarding the study, or have any further questions please contact: 
Please answer the following questions to ensure you meet the criteria to participate in this study

To participate in this study you are required to be between the ages of 18-65. Does this statement apply to you ? *