USD 19 / Survey (Monthly)
USD 169 / Survey (Yearly)
USD 279 / Year
USD 599 / Year

Benefit from a free flat rate product! Create any number of surveys and collect as many answers as you want.

This offer is available as long as your student email address is valid.

For simple and small surveys or just to try us out.   For professional surveys with short to medium term.   For professional surveys with a long duration and/or large return.   The flat rate offer for companies who want to conduct any number of surveys and be unrestricted in use.   This is our unlimited high-end solution for usage without any reference to eSurvey Creator (white label).
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Number of user accounts   1 1   1   1   5   10
Number of questions   unlimited unlimited   unlimited   unlimited   unlimited   unlimited
Number of participants   unlimited limited   limited   unlimited   unlimited   unlimited
Number of answers *   unlimited max. 350 **   5,000 answers, per month ***   unlimited   unlimited   unlimited
Free support          
No contract obligations, no automatic renewal          
Enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS)          
Use your own custom survey domain (e.g.            
SSL encryption for own custom domain (e.g.             + USD 125 / Year

Create your questionnaire

Extensive question types          
Logical workflow (if... then...)          
Photos, images and illustrations          
Individual survey layout          
Embed your own logo          
Embed videos, sound, etc. as iframe          
URL links in the questionnaire will be activated and made clickable          
Survey can be offered multi-lingual (incl. automatic translation, if needed)          
Custom "Thank You" page          
Custom redirect upon survey completion          
Complete adaptability of the questionnaires layout, thanks to open access to CSS          
On request, we create your own questionnaire theme according to your corporate design          

Conduct your survey

Mobile optimised for participating with smartphones and tablets          
Password protection for participation in survey          
Possibility for participants to interrupt the participation and resume at the same point later          
Various measures to prevent multiple participations          
Automatic distribution of email invitations, incl. participation reminders          
Free of ads          
Custom URL          
Allow participants to upload files          
Closed group of participants (access only with TAN or personal link)          
Limit time to participate in the survey          
Dynamic content can be used in the questionnaire (address your participant with first and last name, awarding of vouchers, etc.)          
Question & Answer Piping          
Automatic sending of self-defined email notifications when a participant completes the survey (e.g. for follow-up).          
You can use your own domain ("white label", nothing more to see from eSurvey Creator)          

Analyse your results

Automatic online evaluation in real time, including cross-tabulation          
Download answers as PDF, Microsoft Excel™ file and CSV (e.g. for SPSS PASW Statistics™)          
Publish/share your online survey results directly via link          
Segment participants in groups and filter by those groups in the evaluation          
Filter results by participation date          
Filter by dynamic content          
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Every answered question by a participant counts as an answer. Single choice questions count as one answer; multiple choice questions can count as several answers. In general: 1 answer is not equal to 1 participant.


The answers from participants are always saved, even if the allowed maximum of your product is exceeded. You can then simply upgrade your survey and get all results.


Example: You run a survey for one month and 550 people participate. All of these participants have answered all 15 single questions (550 x 15 = 8,250 responses). In this case the right product for you would be 2 months Personal (2 x 5,000 responses). If the same survey runs 3 months, you would have to choose 3 months Personal. A survey can of course always be extended/increased by further months and answers. The answers from participants are always saved, even if the allowed maximum of your product is exceeded. You can then simply upgrade your survey and get all results.

Flexible Payment

Flexible Payment

As well as by invoice or debit.

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